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The following projects for Quality Assurance Services and Litigation Support demonstrate the size and diversity of objectives that can be fulfilled by QAA. The list is not all-inclusive, so please contact us if you are not sure if QAA is suited to your particular project. Also, please feel free to contact us for references. Our experience and dedication to client needs have resulted in an excellent reputation with our present and former clients.



TCEQ State Superfund QA Management

NYSDEC Data Usability Summary Reports (DUSR)

Quality Assurance Services for a Federal Superfund Site

USEPA Region 5 Data Validation

TCEQ TRRP-13 Data Review

USEPA Region 7 Data Validation

TCEQ PST Data Review

NPDES Permit Compliance Audit and Data Review

USEPA Region 4 Data Validation

LDEQ RECAP Environmental Data Validation and EDD Verification

USEPA Region 2 Quick-Turnaround Data Validation

USEPA Region 1 Tier I and Tier III Data Review

Resolution of Data Quality Problems for a High Profile Site

Total Quality Assurance Services for a Superfund Site


Automobile Cooling System Failure Analysis

Medical Equipment Personal Injury Claim

Pesticide Exposure Personal Injury Claim

Fate and Effects of Chemical Contamination



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Last Update: November 12, 2015