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Providing support for environmental and litigation projects
based on technically valid, legally defensible analytical data
using a practical, cost effective, third party approach


Over the past year, QAA prepared several Data Usability Summaries (DUS) in accord
 with Texas’ QAPP for the Superfund Program. We also continued to prepare data reviews using TCEQ TRRP-13
for several clients and Texas sites. Projects in New York, New Jersey, Louisiana (LDEQ RECAP),
Missouri (MRBCA), New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Illinois
have helped us keep abreast of other state and national trends.

We continue to provide litigation support primarily in the area of analytical chemistry.
Recent projects include developing test procedures to determine the cause of engine corrosion
associated with recycled anti-freeze and validating and interpreting analytical data for a site that
obtained conflicting results after switching laboratories.

We are also in the process of applying for Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) certification.

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QAA is a small, women-owned company with a strong foundation

in chemistry and long-term experience in environmental data validation.


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